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Yáʼátʼééh![łahgo áshłééh]

WikiData item "Tomato"[łahgo áshłééh]

The article for en:Tomato is on WikiMedia's "expanded list of articles every Wikipedia should have."

However, some users at WikiData such as User:Brya have made a separate item for language articles that are (as he put it) "Embarrassing" to him in terms of article quality

These low quality articles link only to each other, making it harder to link to real information about Tomato.

They also don't get counted by the automated programs as existing for "articles every wikipedia should have."

I am sure the users of this wiki intended to have an article about Tomato corresponding with the quality articles and the "should have list".

But so far admins and bureaucrats at wikidata have backed up User Brya's "embarrassment" and keeping the languages segregated and have ooposed me pointing this out.

If you can put in a word here about how you feel it might help!

Sorry for writing in English instead of your language, I could not get a good translation. Til Eulenspiegel (talk) 15:58, 28 Biniʼantʼą́ą́tsoh 2017 (UTC)