anáʼálwoʼ:Wikiibíídiiya beehazʼą́ąnii

"Wikiibíídiiya" bitsʼą́ą́dę́ę́ʼ
(saad "WB:BEEHAZ" hasínítą́ą́ʼ)
Sǫ́Sǫ́Sǫ́Sǫ́Wikiibíídiiya: beehazʼą́ąnii (Policy for Wikiibíídiiya)
1 Yas Niłtees 2010


  1. Diné binahaghá doo łaʼ bikááʼ adoolnííł da
  2. Diné biʼooʼoolʼį́į́ł ałdóʼ doo bikááʼ adoolnííł da
  3. Iikááh doo bikááʼ naashchʼąąʼgo adoolnííł da
  4. Óʼoolkąąh doo bikááʼ adoolnííł da


  1. No discussion of Navajo religious matters1
  2. No inclusion of Navajo "traditional knowledge"/"spiritual practices"/"the Diné Way"1
  3. No "sandpaintings" or depictions of deities
  4. No advertisement2 or "spam"

Ałdóʼ yídííłtah...

1. The Navajo text takes precedence over the English. In short: if your grandma and your medicine man say it is not okay, then do not post it here.
2. For the purpose of these regulations, "advertisement" is to be understood in the sense of "óʼoolkąąh," e.g. the promotion of physical items that are announced for sale. Relevant external links that relate to an article's topic or subject matter are not included in this definition.